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The PROVIDER Finder is an easy to use and efficient online tool.

Ship owners/ managers get easy access to all service providers of all the world’s ports. A search for service providers goes by service type, port, vessel flag and class. Only service providers matching entries made are displayed. Listings contain full contact details and comprehensive qualification profiles.

Find your Service Provider

What does the PROVIDER Finder do

  • Delivers a service type specific list of service providers catering to specific ports, and holding vessel’s flag or class matching authorizations
  • Displays in full detail the service providers company background, capabilities, qualifications and contact details
  • Includes Service Providers` Desktop Verification by Bureau Veritas and Service Providers` Vetting by MarTrust
  • Allows to create short lists of preferred service providers to come back to easily

Which benefits does the PROVIDER Finder have?

Ship Managers

  • Saves an enormous amount of search time - filing a search does not even take half a minute
  • Takes away the need to extensively find out or request if a service provider found, in fact delivers the service in need
  • Delivers all required information in the most comprehensive format
  • Allows for direct contact and service contracting

Find your Service Provider

Service Providers

  • Gives visibility to ship owners/ managers from all over the world in an active search mode for qualified service providers
  • Establishes exact matches with own service scopes and qualifications
  • Allows for proper and comprehensive display of competitive advantages
  • Delivers fully qualified sales leads for direct business with ship owners/ managers.

Check your Company Listing

Assurance, reliability and safety

The uncompromisable [bluester] ranking system together with the independent third party vendor qualification services BV Desktop Verification, BV On-Site-Vendor-Inspection and Vetting by MarTrust free global direct contracting of Maritime Support Services from risks and the burden of high transaction costs.

Vessel Owners and Ship Managers have their vendors qualified and verified easily and properly; Service Providers can prove the solidity and reliability of their service offerings transparently and objectively.